Having survived the millennium bug, the end of the world in 2010 and the rapture in 2011, there has never been a time when I felt more like the world was coming to an end than 2020

In a way, the world as we know it has actually come to an end we have all been forced to adapt and adjust to life as we know it. Change is hard. One of the greatest lessons to ever come out of all this is that short cuts are good and getting where you want to be with the least effort possible is smart, not lazy!

Being under more pressure to get healthy, fit and less stressed makes me crave more sugar than normal, the chocolatey kind of sugar that gives me a rush of those good feelings and a boost of energy near the end of the day. The idea that I could get this without all the guilt of having compromised my health is irresistible.

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After school treats

Although I have heard of it, to be honest, I have never been actually tempted to eat sugar-free chocolate because, if I’m going to eat chocolate, then I’m going to eat chocolate I actually enjoy.

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While waiting for my 7-year-old and his friends to finish with the week’s scout lessons (he watched ‘Up’ and needs to know a few things if he should ever find himself in helium powered flying house with a heartbroken old man) I get to kind of socialise with other grown-ups and exchange survival tips too. It’s our version of scouts, life is wild in suburbia.

Diet is always a hot topic and the idea of putting the entire family on a low-carb high-fat diet is a popular one. I was definitely scoring points by bringing out a slab of De Villiers Keto-friendly chocolate to share…

What is Keto-friendly anyway?

The Keto diet is a popular low-carb high-fat way of eating that carefully balances micronutrients to keep you healthy while your body goes into ketosis, burning fat for energy instead of carbohydrates.

Weight loss is one of the many health benefits claimed by this diet which is said to have benefits for the entire family.
Keto has some pretty strict rules that not only banish the sugar, but also many sweeteners too. De Villiers sugar-free slabs are sweetened with monk fruit extract, a low carb, all-natural sweeteners that aren’t just good for keto eaters but diabetics too. So it’s healthy, it’s keto-friendly with on 2 net carbs per serving and absolutely no sugar.

But healthy isn’t always delicious and like one too-tired-to-be-polite mom put it “If this tastes like Brooklax I’m spitting it out.”

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So what does DeVilliers Sugar-free dark chocolate taste like?

We each got a block of chocolate and because none of us was actually sure what we’re getting ourselves into took small nibbles like we were Charlie’s grandparents (from Charlie and the chocolate factory).

I thought I had brought out the wrong slab and was already deciding how I would phrase my apology in the group chat later.

It tasted just like dark chocolate, not the weird dieter’s stuff but actual, real, I am eating this by choice dark chocolate. I was surprised as were all the other moms. We read the wrapper, turned it over, and opened it, read the inside because there really does have to be a catch!

A premium quality no-added-sugar dark chocolate bar, containing 70% cocoa solids. This bar is made using ethically sourced Rainforest Alliance certified Ugandan cocoa beans. It is free from hydrogenated fats, gluten and GMO’s. All ingredients are plant based and the product is Vegan certified. The net carbohydrate content is 1.8 gram per 30 gram serving, with a high fibre content. As a sweetener we use a combination of Monk Fruit Extract, Erythritol, and non-GMO Soluble Corn Fibre. Being KETO certified, this chocolate treat is suitable for diabetics and those following the Ketogenic diet.

There’s gotta be a catch

While we were all on what really felt like a sugar high we figured it out. You probably shouldn’t eat the whole slab of chocolate in one sitting, and that is the catch. Portion control.

It’s how Adele at chocolate and lost 45 kg, she wasn’t eating it by the slab, just by the block.

Although unlike other sugar-free sweeteners, monk fruit extract is not known to cause diarrhoea if you eat too much of it, even De Villiers Sugar-free chocolate stops being guilt-free if you inhale the entire slab (which is huge by the way).

What is it they say about too much of a good thing again?

Let’s talk budget

De Villiers chocolates aren’t your average grocery store slabs, they are artisan chocolates made in a small family-owned factory in the Cape Winelands. While that does put their price naturally above that of your at the till guilty grab, De Villiers chocolates are competitively priced when compared to similar chocolates produced in smaller batches from bean to bar with the same meticulous attention to detail in the selection and processing of all the ingredients.

The sugar-free slabs are slightly more expensive than the other slabs, but you do get exactly what you pay for – chocolate that actually tastes like chocolate.

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