(By Camilla Swart)

We are investigating the meaning of thread count, and how to decide which thread count to choose when replacing your bed linen…

What exactly is ‘thread count’? This is the term that refers to the number of ‘threads’ in a square inch of woven fabric. So, a 200- thread count fabric will have that total number of ‘threads’ in a square inch (2.2cm). The higher the read count, the better the quality.

How do you know if a fabric has a high or low thread count?

A quick way of testing fabric is to hold it up to the light and observe the weave pattern.  If it looks patchy and open, know that you are dealing with a lower quality fabric.  It should be closed, look smoothly woven and not let too much light through.

Now, which thread count should you choose?

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Do you prefer crisp or soft and silky bed linen?


A 200 or 300 thread count percale is recommended . These fabrics are cool, smooth and comfortable and will give you many years of wonderful wear.  Choose one, or two, of our these lovely colours in the 200-thread count percale, or the crisp white wonder of the 300-thread count percale at Linen Drawer.


A 400 thread count Egyptian Cotton or a 600- thread count sateen is recommended.

Linen Drawer has a beautiful range of colours in the 400 thread count Egyptian cotton, including purest white, while the 600-thread count is slightly heavier and the most luxurious fabric.

Characterised by a soft sheen and soft handle these fabrics ensure your sleeping comfort all year round. I find it difficult to decide – so I have both! Maybe you will too?

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