A pill has been invented that can make farts smell like chocolate or roses

French inventor Christian Poincheval has created ‘Pilule Pet’, which he claims can turn flatulence into fragrance.

The pills need to be taken at mealtimes, with the effects taking around a week to start kicking in.

The main ingredient of ‘Pilule Pet’ is activated charcoal – a substance that is often used to relieve bloating and ‘flatus events’. It is not harmful to the body, although specialists suggest it should not be taken too often.

It is not the first bizarre invention by Poincheval, as he previously created a toilet paper covered in newspaper stories and coffee drunk out of eco-friendly paper juice boxes.

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Flowery flatulence! French inventor creates pill to help make your gas smell like roses

French inventor Christian Poincheval has created the Pilule Pet, which he claims can make farts smell more pleasant.

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Author: BANG Showbiz