While the number of children who contracted the coronavirus was relatively low, hospitals specialising in the treatment of children didn’t experience a significant drop in admissions during the pandemic…

In fact, according to reports, the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital actually saw an increase in the number of children hospitalised for burns, particularly liquid burns.

Prof. Sebastian Van As, Head of the Trauma Ward in the Emergency Centre of the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, said this could be due to a rise in children living in dense conditions and being confined to small spaces where they are at greater risk of injury from contact with household appliances and boiling liquids.

“The EC recorded 10% fewer fire burns however, possibly because with parents being at home during lockdown, parental vigilance would have been greater and children may not have been as exposed to fires without supervision.”

Watch the inspiring video below to see how the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital treated young Jineil Jafta who was attacked by a dog and tragically lost his arm.

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