All4Women spoke to former mayor Herman Mashaba at his home in the north of Johannesburg, and corruption was on top of the agenda.

The businessman turned politician recently launched his own political party, Action SA, after leaving the DA in November 2019.

Reflecting on reports of alleged corruption relating to the Covid-19 Relief Fund, Mashaba said that the country needs determined leaders who will put the people first instead of their own greedy ambitions.

“In the three years I was a mayor, I think I got rid of four MMCs,” said Mashaba.

He established an independent forensic investigations unit within three months of becoming mayor.

“We were lucky to get the services of General Sibiya and encouraged him to recruit some of the talent coming from the Scorpions.”

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The Scorpions corruption and crime-fighting unit was disbanded in 2008. Up until then, it was feared by politicians who were involved in unsavoury activities.

Mashaba thinks the decision to abolish the Scorpions was a disastrous, political move. He said that re-establishing the Scorpions should be a top priority.

“I think we need them to really be independent of political interference so that whoever commits crime, whether it’s a president or it’s a sweeper, as long as you have broken the law, there has to really be consequences.”

Mashaba’s Action SA will contest the upcoming elections. The party has its sights set on taking over vulnerable and unstable municipalities in Gauteng.