On Thursday evening, radio and television personality, Gareth Cliff posted an encouraging message on his Facebook page for those going through difficult times…

The post has since been shared widely, and elicited a number of positive responses from followers who were uplifted by Cliff’s words.

In the message, Cliff says, “Not sure why, or for whom, but I felt it necessary to say this…”

  • If you’re going through hell at the moment –
  • If your life isn’t anything like what you always hoped it would be-
  • If people are disappointing you or hurting you –
  • If you’re hopeless, disconnected, lonely –
  • If you’ve fallen out of love with music, art, dance, even love –
  • If you aren’t turned on by the things that used to turn you on –
  • If you find conversation and philosophy pointless and uninspiring-
  • If you’ve given up on treating your body like a temple and treat it like a garbage heap –
  • If you don’t appreciate what others can do for you –
  • If you’ve forgotten what explosive, unbounded happiness feels like –
  • If you feel like you’ll never have enough –
  • If you don’t sleep because your nightmares are worse than being awake –
  • And if you look around and see a world that’s broken,

Please consider that you’re not alone, that you’re alive, and that all the universe, fate and the most impossible series of events over billions of years conspired to bring you into existence here and now.

That there are many worse off than you, and not just materially.

That this too shall pass, however dark your personal hell might be right now. Whether you’re religious or not, there’s more to existence than the things our five rudimentary, evolved senses can make sense of, and even the greatest objective minds have never denied this.

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From disappointment to hope

Cliff noted that although many may feel despondent about where their life is at, there is always hope. There’s the hope of making new friends, meeting new people and learning new things.

“Treat every person as if they have something to tell you that might change your life – and watch how they respond, and rise to that expectation, without exception.”

Finding meaning

“Meaning doesn’t come from fulfilling your goals or from triumph or comfort – it comes from taking on responsibility, first for yourself, then for those close to you and finally for greater humanity. You’ll continue to feel empty until you realize that things are reliant on you to operate properly, and that you can create and maintain those things,” said Cliff.

He ended his message with “Get off of Facebook and find out whatever you want.”

Read the full post below:

Not sure why, or for whom, but I felt it necessary to say this: If you’re going through hell at the moment – If your…

Posted by Gareth Cliff on Thursday, 17 September 2020

Positive responses from readers

Stephanie Der Kinderen: Right on the money. We don’t always have to be brave and it’s ok to not be ok. This world of ours is so broken and minds are so very fragile. We have learnt the most disturbing, horrifying truths regarding our lives and the people we entrusted with our Freedom, well-being, human rights to name a few. This to as they say shall pass, perhaps like a kidney stone but it will pass. Hold on tightly to those you love, say the words and most importantly FEEL.


Ilona Cupido: Someone managed to articulate what I’ve been grappling with. Thank you.


Tracey Baard: Beautiful. So many out there need to hear this. We really need to check in with one another more often. A simple “are you ok?” can do wonders. And as South Africans, we need to shift from our default reply of “yeah, I’m ok.” It’s ok to not be ok.


Shanaleigh Hebbard: Today, on two different post from people who don’t know each other I read “It’s ok not to be ok”. Interesting, it was a thought I woke up with today and one I am going to sleep with tonight. A sense of burden is lifted to just acknowledge that today it was ok to not be ok. Tomorrow will be better


Nicky Castelyn: Garett Cliff… you have hit the nail on the head… I have felt so bad… so depressed.. worthless…ect.. Trying hard to stay positive. So much betrayal from the people closest to you. I am in a dark hole… but trying to remember there is people worse off than me. Thank you so much for your message. I needed that.


Ayanda DeepKwest Gaya: Honestly? We’ve never met, but I felt your presence as I was reading this paragraph, felt every word as it moved something inside me (don’t know what to call it though, maybe pride and/or guilt) but most of all felt power and the need to stop creating excuses to go for what I know could be my breakthrough… I don’t know why, but we are so scared of chasing not only our dreams but going after that freedom we always talk about from the early mornings in preparations for work, during our tea times and lunchtimes with colleagues, and last but not least to the stranger who’s always coincidentally there in that taxi or bus to listen to your life problems… You know what, today I’m taking a stand and chasing freedom than the printed paper we call currency

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