Mental illness is no joke, and by all means, we’re not laughing at Kanye West

However, the controversial rapper – who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder – has had some pretty bizarre moments in 2020 (as if the year wasn’t enough already!) that have completely baffled us!

And it looks as though he’s not about to stop dropping the bombshells on us either. His latest stint involves urinating on his Grammy award and another Twitter rant!

Genius or troubled soul? Take a look at all the times Yeezy had us scratching our heads in 2020

Announcing he’s running for president

Back in July, Ye announced his bid to run for US elections in 2020….but whilst he was serious about being the next POTUS, his political party name – the Birthday Party (“because when we win, it’s everybody’s birthday”) is anything but!

His campaign rallies have been filled with weird and wacky appearances and speeches – including laughing, crying and screaming at the crowd!

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Let’s not forget his strange campaign posters – starring a bewildered actress Kirsten Dunst – and his one word tagline, “Yes”.

Spilling all the Kardashian tea

From comparing his mother-in-law Kris Jenner to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un to declaring Kim wanted to abort their first child North to claiming he is living the real-life version of horror movie Get Out, to even claiming “Kylie stinks”, Kanye’s tweets have been nothing short of entertaining!

Claiming Kim had an affair

Kanye had us all flabbergasted when he alleged his wife of 6 years had had an affair with fellow rapper Meek Mill during a visit to his hotel room back in 2018!

As if that wasn’t enough, he also claimed he’s been wanting to divorce his reality TV spouse for the last two years…Ouch!

Those wacky conspiracy theories

From claiming coronavirus vaccines are “the mark of the beast” to his belief that Michael Jackson was ‘murdered’ to claiming he was almost hospitalised because his brain was “too big” for his head – it seems every word coming out of Kanye’s mouth needs to be taken with a grain of salt!

Walking on water

Ye’s recent Sunday Service had tweeps in a tizz over what they claim is a blasphemous attempt by the star to mock Christianity.  Kanye, his choir and his children staged a stunt which looked like they were ‘walking on water’ on a small lake in Atlanta.

Let’s not forget he also called himself the ‘modern day Moses’.

Those Yeezy footwear

And the cherry on the top of all his strange utterances this year has to be his bizarre range of footwear, which looks like something from out of space!

If this is the future of fashion, we’d rather travel back in time!