Who wants to wait for a cheat day to indulge in a bite or two of chocolate? If only there was a guilt-free slab you could chow down on with no repercussions

According to the health food aisles and reluctantly health-conscious sugar fiends, you don’t have to because guilt-free chocolate is a real thing.

The health benefits of chocolate are well documented, from promoting heart health to inducing those all so important feel-good hormones. If it weren’t for a few ingredients, chocolate could be considered medicine.

We spoke to South African chocolatier, Pieter de Villiers, and got the low down on what exactly guilt-free chocolate is and if it is as good as it sounds.

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What is in guilt-free chocolate?

Swapping out the more decadent ingredients in the chocolate-making process isn’t exactly how it works, Pieter says when creating the guilt-free range of De Villiers chocolates. They consulted research consultant Dr Lindie Schloms to find the best sugar alternatives and keep the same rich taste of their chocolates.

“Everyone who has tasted this range has reported that they actually can’t tell the difference from our sugar and ‘No added sugar’ ranges. Even my children, who grew up with De Villiers Chocolates, struggle to tell the different ranges apart,” says Pieter.

While the sugar content is an important aspect of guilt-free chocolate, there are also other aspects to consider like the carb count, calorie count, fat and whether the chocolate still has the good stuff like antioxidants in it.

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How to choose your guilt-free chocolate

When you’re shopping for your diet-friendly treats it’s important to go through the list of ingredients with a fine toothcomb excluding products with trans-fats (because they’re bad for everyone), making sure that the ingredients used fall in line with your specific diet or eating plan and also checking the portion sizes and sticking to them.

Too much of a good thing can really be bad, even when it comes to ‘guilt-free’ chocolate. Although ‘guilt-free‘ chocolates can offer a healthier alternative to the ordinary sweet treat, there is a limit to how much you can have and still be guilt-free.

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Does guilt-free apply to your budget as well?

Guilt-free treats are speciality foods and if you’ve shopped from the health food section you know that those kinds of foods come with a slightly bigger price tag. Between alternative ingredients and all the added certifications needed to pass as a guilt-free treat. Chocolate slabs with no-added-sugar keto-friendly certification, gluten-free and vegan friendly from the De Villiers range of chocolates are R7-R10 more expensive than their sugary counterparts, which is a small price to pay considering you won’t have to wait for cheat-day for a chocolatey nibble.