South Africa has just come out of a de-alcoholised state and while many are celebrating some people have discovered that they could do with a little less sauce while others have sworn off fire water completely

So what is to be done about the wine pairing? Will they never have their tongues coated by the dark bitterness of merlot or the fresh sharpness of chardonnay? So many questions that all could be answered by de-alcoholised wine. But what is it and is it as un-wine-like as non-alcoholic wine?

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Is de-alcoholised wine another name for non-alcoholic wine?

If you’ve ever experienced the absolute horror of taking a swig of wine; expecting your inner cheeks to tingle a little with anticipation of a gentle buzz in a few sips time, only to be greeted with the cloying sweetness of grape juice, then you’ve probably accidentally bought non-alcoholic ’wine’, which is often just grape juice in a deceptively tempting bottle.

De-alcoholised wine may be a little sweeter than actual wine, but it does sort of kind of taste like wine and in a pinch, it makes for a great buzz-free replacement.

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It’s all in the process

The biggest difference between non-alcoholic wine and de-alcoholised wine is how it is made. Non-alcoholic wine is sweet because it is not fermented to the point where alcohol is produced. This is also the point where that wine-like taste develops.

De-alcoholised wine is allowed to ferment and only then, after the taste develops, the alcohol is removed.

DUCHESS SPRITZ says their SPRITZ BERRY ROSÉ retains all the flavour of a sparkling rose because of the process which it is made.

“First, 100% of the wine’s alcohol is gently removed through a state of the art, cone-spinning process. This is done in a way to avoid any loss of the wine’s flavour, balance, or structure. After this, we carefully infuse the wine with our natural botanical extracts, top it up with water and add the bubbles to create the super refreshing, light-bodied DUCHESS SPRITZ,” they say insisting that their product is real wine, so much so that you could even use it in recipes that require wine.


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Is de-alcoholised wine actually wine?

Not only is de-alcoholised actually wine but according to Researchers at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, it is the healthiest type of wine, offering not only the anti-oxidants but also none of the negative effects of alcohol.

That glass of red wine night you keep saying is recommended by doctors for heart health is probably served best without the alcohol.

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