Massive wildfires have been raging across California over the last few months, leaving trails of utter devastation…

According to reports, “As of September 14, 2020, a total of 7,718 fires have burned 3,451,428 acres (1,396,743 ha), more than 3% of the state’s roughly 100 million acres of land.”

This makes it one of the largest wildfire seasons ever recorded, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

While fire-fighting crews heroically battle the blazes, they are sharing some of the positive stories that have come out of the devastation.

Over the weekend, the Butte County Sheriff’s office shared images of a tiny puppy that the crew rescued from a destroyed property in Berry Creek:

“These last several days have been hard on our entire county and we thought we would share a positive story today…” they posted.

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“Yesterday, as BCSO deputies and members of BCSO Search and Rescue were searching through properties impacted by the fire, they made an unexpected and welcomed discovery on a large property in Berry Creek, this adorable puppy.”

“The puppy had some minor burns and was picked up by Animal Control and taken to Valley Oaks Veterinary Centre in Chico to be checked out. After doing some investigating, we found out that the owner of the property has several dogs and was not able to locate them all before needing to evacuate. Our deputies decided to give this sweet puppy a name, Trooper.”

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