Last updated on Sep 16th, 2020 at 02:23 pm

The weather is getting warmer and if you haven’t done it now would be a great time to replace your desk store of packet soups and noodles with something fresh

We aren’t the type to let go of a good trend easily and are still very much attached to our mason jars and all the delicious stacked salads and meals we can carry around in them. Here are our favourite carry just about anywhere grown-up lunches.

You don’t have to feel low when you’re going low-carb

A low-carb diet is more complex than just cutting bread out of your diet. While trying to meet your nutritional needs and still abiding by the limits of your diet, you can’t just grab lunch on the road.

Everything needs to be planned and calculated, but not always time-consuming, boring and a breath away from starvation.

This delicious and nutritious well-balanced salad in a jar is a great grab and go lunch for work, picnics and even when you don’t want to be an annoyingly hard to feed guest.

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Low Carb Salad Jars recipe

Comfort in a jar

The warmer weather doesn’t completely take away the comfort of a warm hearty meal, especially in the middle of a day of hard work. Leftover dinner is great if you have it on hand, but if your food savers have been freshly cleaned out, a roast veg and millet jar can be the perfect, filling and hearty lunch you need. Packed with the goodness of all those veggies and high fibre millet.

Warm Roasted Vegetable and Millet Salad Jars recipe

Not another boring chicken salad

Plain old chicken salad can quickly get boring. As the go-to health-conscious light lunch, chicken salad needs a frequent and well-deserved makeover to stay on our lunch menus.

This smoked chicken version is absolutely bursting with flavour and more filling than you would think.

Smoked Chicken Pasta Salad with Chipotle Dressing recipe