There are so many reasons to love Rachel Kolisi

And at the top of the list is that she can change a tyre like the bad-a** boss lady she is!

The wife of Siya Kolisi was this week pictured getting her hands dirty – literally – by going under a car of a family in dire need.

“My wife helping a family who didn’t know how to take out the spare tyre. She told us to step aside please… I GOT THIS”, the Bok captain proudly revealed alongside a pic of his wife in action.


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And that’s just the start of why we love her so much…

Here are just a few reasons why we think Rachel Kolisi is a real-life superhero…

She gave us a peak at her perfectly imperfect appearance

Celebs can be so pretentious about their perfect lives, perfect figures and glammed-up appearances – but not Rachel!

She’s all about showing us the real and raw Rachel – cellulite and tummy roles included!

She’s embraced a blended family

Not only is she a fab mom to her two biological kids Nicholas and Keziah, she’s also taken on the mom role to Siya’s younger brother and sister, whom she has adopted as her own.

Not many people would do this so graciously and so lovingly!

Count your blessings ✨

She’s a champion for the broken and impoverished

From orphans to abused women to ordinary people struggling to put a meal on their table, Rachel is all about lending a helping hand – and a hug – to the underdog.

And she does it with such humility too!

She’s an inspiration to all women

We love her priceless pearls of wisdom she shares with her fans and followers.

“Just a reminder there’s no one more beautiful then you” and “Don’t spend your time on earth being a watered down version of yourself, just so people can like you” are some of Rachel’s quotes to live by.

“Don’t spend your time on earth being a watered down version of yourself, just so people can like you.”

She’s not afraid of criticism – or a clapback!

She’s not fazed by criticism of her interracial marriage, thoughts on racial inequality and white privilege or how she chooses to live her life.

She’s also not afraid to call out people who she believes are exploiting others and who are neither contributing to a free and fair South Africa.

Today I’ll be delegating to #SaveSiyasStoryThere was a book written about Siyas life without his consent. It was…

Posted by Rachel Kolisi on Wednesday, 26 August 2020

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