“I’ve caught Black Mambas in many weird and wonderful places, but never in a hamster cage,” said snake rescuer, Nick Evans in a recent Facebook post…

Evans got a call from a young man in the Carrington Heights area (Glenwood) area who was looking after his sister’s Russian Dwarf Hamster while she was away. He had peered into the cage to check on the rodent, but had been shocked by the appearance of a black mamba instead!

“I rushed over, with friend and fellow snake-rescuer, Duncan Slabbert, joining me with his family,” says Evans.

“We arrived, and saw the mamba checking us out, head raised, looking very nervous. It was a bizarre sight, although very sad for the family I’m sure. What was this guy going to say to his poor sister?! That’s an awkward conversation.”


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“But he had no hard feelings towards the mamba which I appreciate.”

“Duncan put the cage on the bed, and opened the top off carefully. With a gap to work with, I reached in with the tongs. It was a wirey snake, and it was hating being grabbed by the tongs, understandably so! But I soon had it secured in my hands.”

“A small mamba, around 1.1m long. A beautiful specimen actually, very healthy too, with an obvious bulge in it. After digesting its meal, it will be released, far from hamsters!”


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