In a video that trended on social media last week, a man is wrestled to the ground by a restaurant owner after the suspect tried to grab a child who was sitting with her family…

The incident sparked conversations on television and radio, with many in the audience taking to social media to express anger, shock and concern.

Speaking to eNCA, security expert Rory Steyn says child abductions are motivated by a number of factors.

“It’s normally a kidnapping for ransom where someone is specifically targeted and then the criminals conduct proper surveillance and do their homework. They find out where the child will be most vulnerable and how to contact the parents.”

Human trafficking is sometimes the cause for such incidents.

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“It’s a reality all over the world. South Africa is not immune.”

Children who walk home from school are also targeted.

Steyn acknowledged that sometimes parents snatch their own children in matters of divorce and in instances where there is an ongoing custody battle.

Dishal Sooku, the restaurant owner who tackled the snatcher and saved the the child, has been hailed a hero.

Sooku, a martial artist, told News24 that his training came in handy.

“I needed to control him so that he could let go of this child. It was a combination of training, awareness and all that.”

Naseem Slamang in court

On Tuesday, News24 reported that Naseem Slamang appeared in the Roodepoort Magistrate’s Court on Monday in connection with the incident.

He has now been charged with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm, attempted kidnapping and common assault after allegedly attempting to snatch a child.

Slamang will remain in custody until his next court appearance on 17 September.

Shock and concern

As part of the discussion on social media, many people cited reports about the involvement of syndicates who lure children into human and sex trafficking rings. Others called on the police and government to act.

The hashtag #HumanTrafficking is trending as people continue to react to this latest incident and other cases of children who have gone missing.