A Slovenian woman cut off her own hand hoping to get millions in insurance claims but instead, was sentenced to two years in prison for fraud…

It is widely reported that in 2019, 22-year old Julija Adlesic and her boyfriend came up with a bizarre and horrific get-rich-quick scheme.

Adlesic took out insurance policies which cover accidental injuries to the value of about R20 million. The court believes she then intentionally severed her left hand before claiming that the injury occurred accidentally while she was sawing tree branches.

Scrutiny of the internet search history revealed that Adlesic’s boyfriend had looked up artificial limbs just days before the incident.

The hand was recovered by police and reattached.

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Despite evidence presented in court, which led to the guilty verdict, Adlesic maintains her innocence and denies that she deliberately cut off her own hand.

People on social media were shocked and unimpressed, while others had jokes in hand.


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