South Africa is a foodie’s dream destination. With so much culture and all that food, you need only go around the corner to find a new and exciting food you haven’t tried before. We explored the world through Instagram and found a whole new world of food

These are 5 of the strangest foods from around the world. Would you try any of them?

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Japan – Shirako

In South Africa and most African countries, we eat as much of an animal as we can. This means having delicacies like trotters and offal feature regularly on our menus.

 Many Asian countries follow the same principles of waste-not-want-not and extend these values to the preparation of seafood and fish too.

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Shirako is the sperm sac of a male cod. While it is served both raw and cooked in many restaurants across Japan, even the Japanese consider it an acquired taste. It isn’t an everyday food for everyday people

Shirako is said to have a creamy custard-like taste and texture when cooked.

Mexico- Huitlacoche

If you thought mushrooms were weird, or aren’t comfortable with the thought of eating fungus, then Mexican huitlacoche or corn mushroom definitely isn’t for you.

Huitlacoche is actually corn smut, a fungal disease that attacks the ripe ears of corn and turns them into tumour like growths. It isn’t a very common diseases and only attacks organic, untreated crops after heavy rains.

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Huitlacoche can be used in the same way as your favourite mushroom and word is, it taste the same too.

China- Centaury egg

The centaury egg is also known as a thousand-year egg or hundred-year egg, but in Thailand, the ‘horse urine egg’ because of its pungent smell.

It isn’t made with horse urine at all nor is the egg a century old or even a hundred years old.

Centaury eggs are usually preserved for only a few weeks in a mixture of clay and salt, sometimes with ash, quicklime and rice hulls. This mixture preserves the egg and stops it from going bad but also changes the egg. The yolks become cheesy while the egg whites take on a jelly-like consistency and both become a dark almost purplish-black colour.

Century eggs have a very strong smell and an equally strong taste. While the dark jelly formerly known as egg whites is said to taste bland, the egg yolk on the other hand is an egg lover’s dream- an intensified boiled egg taste.

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Ireland and The UK – Black pudding

A cynic could think of sausage as all the undesirable parts of an animal blended with soy and breading and stuffed into the cleaned intestines of another animal. Black pudding, not that, it’s the otherwise unusable blood of a pig, thickened with oatmeal and other foods to make blood sausage.

Made in different countries around the world using the blood of different animals, blood sausage is eaten in a similar way to other sausages and according to Reddit users it tastes similar too except a distinct metallic or iron taste because well, it’s blood.  

France- Steak tartare

A quick glance and you’d think you have the ingredients for a delicious burger patty, you would be wrong because although raw Steak tartare is a complete dish.

The high-quality raw beef served with spring onions and a raw egg is a French delicacy that is not for the squeamish.

Although it has been seen as posh nosh in the past, it is slowly making its way into casual dining where it can be served with chips.