Following a safety recall of Liqui Fruit Red Grape still juice in 330ml cans, Pioneer Foods has revealed its lab findings. The particles in the juice are not glass as initially suspected.

In the first week of September, the National Consumer Commission, NCC, and Pioneer Foods released safety alerts asking the public to return cans from a single batch of Liqui Fruit Red Grape juice. People were asked to not dispose of the cans themselves but rather to return them to stores for a refund.

In an update on Thursday, the NCC confirmed that it had received communication from Pioneer Foods about the lab investigation.

“According to the lab results, the glass-like crystals found in the 330ml are not glass particles as indicated over the weekend, but natural tartrate salts found in grapes that crystalized post production,” explained Acting Consumer Commissioner Thezi Mabuza in a statement

In a meeting with the NCC, Pioneer Foods said that “about 70% of the product recalled has been recovered.”

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The public is still urged to return cans with a 27327 product code and date codings BB 01.04.2021 and BB 02.04.2021.

“The lab results as provided by Pioneer Foods indicate that crystals formed post-production and the reasons thereof is still under investigation,” said Mabuza.

Liqui Fruit product recall - Red Grape still juice 330ml can
Image courtesy of Pioneer Foods.

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