Netflix users are enraged – and completely flabbergasted – by the premiere of the streaming service’s latest release – a film called Cuties

…so much so that they’re calling for the whole service to be canned as a result!

The hashtag #CancelNetflix is currently trending and it’s all because of the 2020 coming of age film about a young girl who joins a dance group, and discovers twerking and other erotic dance moves in the process.

According to reports, the overly-sexualised film which premiered on Wednesday involved hundreds of pre-teens (or tweens) who auditioned for the role – by twerking!

What’s more is that the film, which stars 11-year-old Senegalese actress Fathia Youssouf in the main role, is rated ‘only for adult viewers’.

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Watch the trailer below…

Many are deeming the film in itself as ‘child pornography’ and ‘inappropriate’ and now over half a million people have signed a petition on, accusing Netflix and the filmmakers of “exploiting children”, “showing underage girls dressed provocatively” and “dancing sexually” as well as voicing their disgust at the film’s adult rating.

The petition reads: “As Netflix has chosen to ignore the petition and the wishes of its customers, I feel we need to ban together and cancel our subscriptions!…Please make the choice to prove to Netflix our children are more valuable than our entertainment, and our money is better spent else where!

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