It’s been a few hours since lunch and I have been good – by my standards anyway. I had a bowl of oats for breakfast, a very green, very crunchy salad for lunch, and I’ve been slaving away all day trying not to think about what was in the second drawer of my desk

I’m a chocaholic. Can you tell? And like all good-enough mommies, I try to keep my terrible eating habits away from my precious child, so I save my chocolate fixes for those few hours of the workday that seem to drag on forever. Promptly at snack time (15:30 during an e-meeting) I finally unwrapped my Kit Kat limited edition Milk tart flavour and had a break… well sort of.

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Confession: I like white chocolate

According to the chocolate snobs, ‘white chocolate’ isn’t actually chocolate at all. I like the sweet creaminess, whatever it’s called, and I can’t think of a better base for a milk tart flavoured ‘chocolate’.

It’s rich, almost too rich, creamy, velvety and everything a milk tart should be, just a little bit sweeter than my favourite milk tart (the one they make at the Pick ‘n Pay up the road from my house) and would have hit the spot if only they had added a dash more cinnamon.

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All the elements are there

There are two textural elements to every good milk tart; it’s a delicate balance. You need a good base, it doesn’t need to be crunchy, but it should be sturdy enough to hold its own under the very thick ‘custard’ of milk tart. The base doesn’t need a district flavour, and should definitely not be sweet.

The wafer in a Kit Kat does just that. It carries the flavour of the chocolate and balances the creamy texture with its dry crunchy texture.

The Custard part of the tart needs to be dense, creamy, and while stodgy might be bad in all those international cooking shows, in South Africa stodgy is code for comfort, most of the time and is a vital element of traditional boerekos.

The flavours in the custard are carefully balanced; the creamy vanilla carries the cinnamon so well that even the generous dusting of cinnamon is never too much. While there is definitely cinnamon in the Kit Kat milk tart it just isn’t enough.

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Was my craving satisfied?

It fell a little short of my expectations, but I was not completely disappointed in the Kit Kat milk tart, far from it. I am glad I had it and it definitely perked up the last hour of my workday.

It’s a great nod at a South African favourite, however the Kit Kat chunky with peanut butter is still my undisputed favourite Kit Kat.