She’s just 18 years old, but Asiphe Mkhefa spotted a need in the market, and tapped into her entrepreneurial spirit to start an e-hailing service for women…

As violence against women in South Africa continues to spiral out of control, Mkhefa saw a way to help make a difference when it comes to keeping women safe on public transport. All this while completing her Matric.

The “WomenGo” business started operating at the end of August, and is already thriving in Cape Town. All4Women chatted to Mkhefa who lives in Nyanga in the Western Cape. Expansion of the business and passing Matric are her two priorities. She’s also currently developing an app which she hopes will be released at the end of October this year.

For now, customers can send their location and intended destination via WhatsApp on 068 276 6645. (The rate is R7 per kilometre and is only available in Cape Town for now.) “I’ve had amazing feedback from my customers,” says Mkhefa. “They compliment the service and the safety of it. The feedback has been amazing really.”

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The service operates between 7am and 7pm. “We have to consider the safety of the women who drive,” says the Nyanga teen who only employs female drivers who have their own vehicles. All drivers are thoroughly vetted beforehand. Mkhefa says she currently has five drivers for WomenGo, but she is confident that once her app launches, expansion will take place throughout the country.

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Mkhefa told All4Women that it was tough finding a balance between the demands of school and the business. “School is demanding my attention as well as the business. But I’m surviving, I’m taking all the time and studying. The extra time goes to the business.”

Once she matriculates, she is planning to study journalism and eventually achieve her dream of becoming a successful broadcast journalist.

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