The voice, the curves, the energy, the performance… it’s not easy being Beyoncé especially on the string of hyper strict diets she has been on to get into peak performing condition

If you’re going to eat like the queen, then you also need to cheat like the queen. Although Beyoncé has had several diets through the years, according to insiders she has consistently been loyal to one cheat meal a week. Pizza with hot sauce!

What is a cheat meal?

One of the most popular ways people all over the world sustain long term diets is having a cheat day where they let loose and enjoy the foods they’ve been depriving themselves of during their diets.

According to, cheat days can help curb cravings and serve as a great incentive to keep your meals clean through the week leading up to your feast day.

In Beyoncé’s case she limits her cheating to just one meal then continues with her current eating plan for the rest of the day. 

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Will a cheat meal reverse all your efforts?

There is no exact science behind it and how cheat days and cheat meals work because a lot of it depends on a person’s personality and discipline.

While a cheat day or cheat meal could stave away the cravings for one person, it could set another on a binging spree collapsing their entire diet.

One meal however or even a cheat day, if done reasonably cannot undo the efforts of a week-long calorie-restrictive diet and exercise.

Beyoncé inspired pizza

In honour of Beyoncé and her bootylicious figure, we’re having a spicy banting-friendly, gluten free pizza for our cheat meal. 

We are staving our bacon craving and topping it off with spicy jalapeno.

Making your meals (even your cheat meals) at home means you are fully in control of the ingredients and the calories you consume when you eat.

Jalapeno & Bacon Pizza recipe

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