EFF ground forces are posting videos of their efforts to “assist” Clicks stores to shut down and decisively address racism complaints…

This comes after party leader, Julius Malema, called on the red berets to descend on the outlets and close the shops. According to a tweet from Yusuf Abramjee, the Clicks in Witbank was petrol-bombed.

This is in reaction to an advert by the chain which described Afro hair as “dry & damaged” while white hair was accompanied by a caption describing it as “normal”.

The #ClicksMustFall hashtag continues to trend on social media despite Clicks having issued an apology and removed the controversial adverts.

Many have raised concerns about the safety of staff and job security for employees should the stores close for an extended period of time

Chaotic scenes unfolded throughout the day at Clicks stores nationwide.

Court application by Clicks dismissed

On Monday, the High Court dismissed an urgent application by Clicks to prevent the EFF from protesting and interrupting its business operations. However, the application was dismissed, with costs.

“The application by Clicks was dismissed due to being defective, with costs, and as the EFF, we are vindicated that their arrogance was dealt with harshly by a court of law,” said a statement released by EFF’s National Spokesperson, Vuyani Pambo.

“Clicks made an irrational and silly attempt to prevent the EFF from practising its constitutional right to protest.”

” As the EFF, we have made simple demands, such as the company that produced the racist advert depicting black women’s hair as inferior to white people to be fired, for a list of all those who were involved in the campaign to be released to the public and for them to be fired. Instead of doing this, Clicks arrogantly pronounces that its operations would continue at the expense of the dignity of black people.”

EFF condemns violence

In his statement, Pambo said the party would continue with its ‘peaceful protests’ around the country.

“We will continue our peaceful protests, and we condemn any, and all violence meted out on Clicks. This is in no way associated with the EFF as our protest action is conducted peacefully and lawfully. The Queenstown incident has been brought to our attention, and we have dealt with it swiftly and accordingly.”


A Clicks store
A Clicks store is seen 7 September 2020 after it was vandalised on the same day supporters of the EFF demonstrated at Clicks stores around the country after the franchise aired an advert deemed demeaning to black hair. Picture: Michel Bega

Take a look at some of the scenes at Clicks stores from around South Africa below: