Cara Saven has teamed up with 3 of her favourite artists, all of whom live and work within a 10km radius of her and each other in a new venture called CS&Co!

Lucie De Moyencourt is a Franco-South African artist known for painting everyday views of Cape Town. As an ex architect, Lucie is particularly interested in how people inhabit the spaces of the city and surrounding mountains. You will always spot a person or two going about their daily activities in Lucie’s work. For the last 7 years, Lucie has been lovingly and consistently painting Cape Town suburb by suburb in black ink.

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Joh Del (Johan de Lange) Is an artist, commercial illustrator and graphic designer based in Cape Town. Joh’s work is characterised by its intricate detail that draws the viewer in to discover a world full of little surprises hidden in unexpected places. Always using his signature palate of flat natural colours. His work celebrates the natural wonders around us. Especially the indigenous flora of South Africa and underwater life.

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Michael Chandler is a Cape Town creative who is known for his hand-painted ceramics and fine illustration work. Michael is passionate about nature, history, Cape Town and imbues his work with charm and whimsy. He is excited to be working with Cara Saven; allowing her to take his highly-detailed drawings and turn them into larger-than-life installations.