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Does your period start with some spotting? Is it brown? Did you know that your period can tell you what is going on with your body? 

It’s important to understand what a typical menstrual cycle looks like so that you can spot issues and seek help when needed. We often  have so many questions about our period and menstrual cycle, but don’t know where to go for information. Here are some of the most common questions asked, and where to find more answers.

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What is a healthy menstrual cycle?

According to Fertility Solutions, a healthy menstrual cycle is about 28 to 30 days long and your period starts very easily and smoothly without any PMS.

Your period should be bright red in colour, medium flow, no clots, no spotting and it lasts about 4 to 7 days in length. This is essentially what a healthy menstrual cycle looks like. 

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How do I know I’m having a healthy period? 

Everyone should track their period. Track details such as how you feel, what it looks like, the changes in your body around ovulation and menstruation what your cervical mucus and discharge look like and smell like. You really need to get know your body so you can tell if there are subtle or not so subtle changes in the way it works. 

Your body doesn’t do anything by accident. If you feel something is off, chances are it is, and you might want to follow it up. 

There are a number of free period-tracking apps available that you can download onto your phone.

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Spotting before your period

Spotting is sometimes an indicator that your menstrual cycle was not properly complete at the end of your period. Your menses from your previous cycle may have collected and is now being expelled in your next cycle. 

Another very confusing thing is determining day one of your cycle. Day one is the first day that you bleed. It is the day where you get full, good medium flow, it is not that first day of spotting.

Why am I spotting?

Two main reasons why people spot is because they have low progesterone and improper blood circulation.

In the uterus, if there’s not enough healthy blood circulation, this will be indicated with brown menstruation or brown spotting. This is something that you should see your doctor about. 

Spotting can also be an indicator that you might have endometriosis. 

Things that you can do at home to address spotting:

  • Take vitamins like B6 as it helps support progesterone levels or you can use a natural progesterone cream which can be found at your local pharmacy. 
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