“Heavily muscled, genetically perfect” – his name is Double Diamond, and he’s now the world’s most expensive sheep…

This handsome chap was sold at auction in Scotland for just over R8 million on 27 August this year. He was bought by a consortium of three farmers who are hoping to breed with him.

What makes Double Diamond so valuable?

  • He’s a Texel sheep – a pricey breed that originated on the small island of Texel off the cost of the Netherlands. According to the Texel Sheep Society, they are a “butcher’s favourite”.
  • He’s an embryo-bred lamb which means he’s the result of careful breeding and genetic selection. “Every once in a while something special comes along and yesterday an extra special Texel turned up,” breeder Jeff Aiken told The Guardian. “We knew it was going to be something really special. He was just an outstanding animal, backed up by all the best genetics. “