Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry’s body language has been the source of much speculation throughout their relationship, if experts opinions count as anything

Many have pitted the former actress as the ‘dominant’ persona in the relationship, whilst Harry has been cast as the ‘subordinate’.

There’s even been claims the red-haired royal even ‘cowers’ in his wife’s presence.

And it’s no different this time around, except this body language expert has made some interesting observations…


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Body language expert analyses Meghan & Harry’s video call – and labels the whole thing ‘awkward’

Speaking to publication Fabulous Digital, Judi James claims that royals are “morphing” into another high-profile couple – John Lennon and Yoko Ono, and there are many reasons why

Yoko was widely criticised for ‘breaking up the Beatles’, just as Meghan has been blamed for causing ructions in the Royal Family leading to Megxit.

Meghan & Harry have also broken away from the spotlight to embrace a ‘bohemian’ lifestyle, fighting for social justices, just as John & Yoko did years back, claims Judi.

Analysing Meghan’s interview with feminist Gloria Steinem, Judi said: “With Meghan and Harry going further down what looks like the John and Yoko “power-couple-for-global-harmony” route, Meghan’s emphatically casual, bohemian styling here and her free-wheeling body language place her as firmly away from royal traditions and restrictions as possible.

“The woman who we once watched struggling with rules like crossing her legs at her ankles and which side to place her clutch purse is now sitting with one leg bent casually up on her chair when she’s not mirroring the body language of her hero Gloria.”

And Judi claims even Meghan’s new laidback look – a far cry from her prim and proper royal wardrobe – has been compared to Yoko’s free-spirited, artsy appearance

She continued: “The sharp pillbox hats or fascinators have been swapped for a wide-brimmed sun hat of the type that Gloria Steinem might well have sported back in the days of flower power and free love.

“The wide, unstructured pants and sandals make a statement against all the restrictive pencil skirts and tailoring Meghan wore on royal duties.”

Then there’s Meghan’s new attitude, which suggests there’s more to the story than what meets the eye.

“She also leaves the ‘happy to have left’ comment hanging in the air with a ‘for so many reasons’ and a knowing smile to suggest she’s being tactful but a nod to suggest Gloria gets it,” said Judi.

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