Did you know that 63% of women over the age of 30 will experience some form of sexual discomfort or problem?

This is according to research by Lamelle Research Laboratories. There are a number of things that contribute towards vaginal dryness, and discomfort during sex including menopause, stress and lack of arousal.

Effects of vaginal discomfort

The Clarifying vaginal atrophy’s impact On Sex and Relationships (CLOSER) survey was conducted in South Africa in 2016.

According to the survey, approximately two-thirds of women avoided intimacy because of vaginal discomfort.

The main reasons for avoiding sex were as follows:

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  • sex was less satisfying
  • sex was painful
  • there was a loss of libido

Half of all those surveyed reported decreased sexual activity, and around one-fifth believed vaginal discomfort had ‘caused a big problem’ for their sex lives. Significantly higher proportions of women than men reported being ‘put off’ having sex and feeling emotionally distant from their partners. READ MORE about this survey and the results HERE

1.     Menopause

According to clinical sexologist and relationship counsellor, Leandie Buys, menopause is one of the major contributors towards vaginal dryness.

Vaginal Atrophy (vaginal narrowing or shrinkage) is caused by a drop in hormones including oestrogen which may cause the vagina to become dry. Penetration can become painful, and sex may even lead to bleeding. “Over-the-counter lubricants can help make sex less painful for women suffering from vaginal atrophy,” says Buys. Painful sex during menopause can even lead to secondary vaginismus. “This can be treated very successfully through counselling and a specially designed programme,” says Buys.

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2.     Lack of arousal

Buys says that the “decrease in female hormone levels during menopause may also result in a decrease in sexual desire.” This will lead to a lack of blood flow and decreased lubrication.

When it comes to lack of lubrication due to menopause, Buys has a number of suggestions for women to investigate:

  • Lubricants – These help to lubricate the vagina and make intercourse less painful.
  • Hormone creams – Some of these prescription creams contain oestrogen and can help increase blood flow to the vagina.
  • Hormone Therapy (HT) – This used to be called hormone replacement therapy (HRT). “A woman should consult her doctor before beginning Hormone Therapy,” says Buys. “There are some possible side-effects of this therapy which could increase some women’s chances of: blood clots, breast cancer, vaginal bleeding, headaches, nausea and mood changes.”
  • Regular exercise – Research has shown that regular, intense exercise has helped decrease the intensity of hot flushes.
  • A healthy balanced diet is also key – There are also some vitamins and minerals you need to increase to ensure your body functions optimally.

Get more details from Buys HERE.  (PLEASE NOTE, Leandie Buys is not associated with the Lamelle Research Laboratories, or Lady Prelox. For specific product recommendations, and assistance with sexual health and relationships please contact her via her website.)

3.     Stress

Lamelle Research Laboratories have also identified stress as a major factor in vaginal dryness. “Too much stress has a massive impact on every aspect of your health. Still, booking that online yoga class can only do so much. Modern living is a stressful business and not just in the psychological sense.”

According to researchers, “Every day, we’re exposed to an onslaught of oxidative stressors that range from environmental toxins such as air pollution to the result of making poor food choices. These create damaging free radicals that trigger a chain reaction of havoc that affects all your organs, including your sexual ones and those that control your sex drive.

“One of the main ways this oxidative stress wrecks damage is by depleting your body’s nitric oxide supply, a substance that’s vital for the health of your vessels. This messes with your blood circulation and has a negative impact on your sexual health. The result? Vaginal dryness, discomfort, lower sex drive and diminished satisfaction.”

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Lamelle Research Laboratories have developed a natural solution to help increase blood flow and lubrication

“Oxidative stress and a lack of blood flow are a real problem. Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to mitigate it,” according to Lamelle Research Laboratories.

Lady Prelox is an all-natural oestrogen-free supplement developed by the researchers. It includes Pycnogenol which has been shown to improve circulation. Lady Prelox also includes a rosehip extract which is a great source of vitamin C essential to healthy psychological function.