Kim Kardashian-West has one of the most envied bodies in the world with millions of fans turning to her Instagram page and body contouring underwear line, Skims to try to emulate her hourglass figure

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After a gobsmacking tour of her monster refrigerator, Kim let the world in on what she eats on a typical day and not so typical cheat day. With all the options money can buy and a personal chef at hand, you’ll be surprised by how simple her mostly plant-based diet is.

Her diet is mostly plant-based

Kim Kardashian may not have fully joined the vegan train that is currently ripping through celebville, but the reality TV star and social activist says her diet is mostly plant-based.

She further confirmed this on a Twitter Q&A. Although she has been known to chow down on a chicken salad every now and then, she is reportedly very interested in finding out about plant-based protein and its health advantages, especially for her children. Kim has mentioned in several interviews that her children also prefer plant-based foods while her oldest, North West, is a pescatarian.

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

While chatting to followers on Twitter, Kim revealed her favourite breakfast, oatmeal and for a savoury protein boost a vegetarian sausage.

Oats is one of the best-known weight loss foods. While it is filling and nutritional it is also high in fibre, fat-free and worth every one of those 300 calories per bowl. 

Oats is also so versatile, with an array of carefully chosen toppings. You won’t feel like you’re having a boring bowl of oats every morning, even though you are.

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Kim definitely eats enough

Starving to get the body you want may have been the in-thing for celebrities years ago, but these days the majority of celebville definitely believe health is wealth.

Kim Kardashian eats a healthy 1800 calories every day carefully balancing her macro and micronutrients to get the best of her meals.

To push her body into a calorie deficit for weight loss and weight maintenance Kim is said to push herself hard with daily high-intensity workouts.

Her lunch and dinner are a careful balance of veg and protein. Her former nutritionist Colette Heimowitz shared with Food Insider that Kim’s lunch and dinner are mainly leafy greens and lean protein with her dinner being the smaller and lighter of the two meals.

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She loves a treat

Kim Kardashian is a prolific ice-cream lover and has been spotted treating herself and her kids to a scoop or two of creamy deliciousness.

Another one of Kim’s weaknesses is a packet of Cheeto puffs. While Kim isn’t a fan of anything spicy, she loves these finger colouring snacks.