There are very few things Her Majesty the Queen of England has in common with the average South African woman. She lives an extraordinarily pampered life with an extraordinary budget, but her eating habits are well…ordinary

Here’s what Queen Elizabeth eats on an ordinary royal day.

Cookies for breakfast

Former Royal chef Darren McGrady has started a YouTube channel and it’s all about the eating habits of the British royals. From what he had planned to serve Princess Diana on the evening she died, to what Queen Elizabeth likes to have for breakfast.

The Queen reportedly likes to keep it simple and takes her pick from three breakfast options; cereal with fresh fruit, toast with marmalade, or scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and a grating of truffle.

According to McGrady, the Queen likes to satisfy her sweet tooth in the morning too and takes cookies and tea with her cereal.

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Here’s one of our favourite cookie recipes:

These oats biscuits are a great breakfast treat. They are made from one of the most popular breakfast porridges around the world and would be great baked with dried fruit for an extra dose of flavour.

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A healthy lunch

At lunchtime, the Queen likes to keep things light and healthy. Darren McGrady says the Queen is not a fan of big, strong flavours and won’t even eat garlic. This, of course, is terrible for Prince Phillip who loves robust flavours, spices from all over the world and has a taste for curry, because when it comes to royal meals, what the Queen says goes.

The queen usually has grilled fish with wilted spinach or courgettes or a simple grilled chicken and salad; the favoured work lunch for health-conscious working people all over the world.

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The Queen never misses afternoon tea

Queen Elizabeth has a world-renowned sweet tooth and satisfies it daily with a tea-time treat of scones with jam and clotted cream.

Darren McGrady says she always puts jam on her scones before piling on the clotted cream.

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Fishy Fridays at the Royal Chippy

Another thing Queen Elizabeth does, just like many South African families, is have fish and chips on Friday night.

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The Queen likes a good time too

The pursed lipped image that comes to mind when most of us imagine HRH is probably not what she looks like when she’s at home relaxing with her family.

Sources say she enjoys the occasional drink preferably a Gin & Dubonnet or champagne.

She also likes to treat herself to a Croque Monsieur with ham and gruyere and as a famed chocoholic, a chocolate perfection pie.

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