South Africa’s culinary princess Lorna Maseko is bedazzling the culinary world. Not only are her easy, but stunning recipes causing a stir in South African kitchens, she’s also raking in international awards

This year Lorna earned 2 Gourmand World Cookbook Award’s for her debut cookbook Celebrate with Lorna Maseko.
We are stealing her tips and tricks for award-winning cooking and gourmet eating at home.

Traditional food is fabulous!

We’re tired of celebrating the traditional foods of every country but our own. The taste and texture of a freshly slaughtered ‘hard-body chicken’ and deliciously filling pap are something worth celebrating too.

We absolutely love how Lorna plated her pap and chicken Women’s Day meal. With love and care, even everyday meals can be absolutely stunning.

If it’s delicious it’s Insta worthy

Lorna Maseko’s Insta pages celebrate all kinds of food, from home-style meals (in Lorna’s oh so elegant style) to mouth-watering snaps from restaurants all over the world and even Kasi favourites.

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You don’t have to reserve your social media posts for ‘special occasions’ every delicious bite is worth a happy dance or at least a toe tap and definitely a social media mention. As a connoisseur of your own preferences, a meal becomes gourmet just because you enjoy it.

The taste bud knows no borders

While some puritans like to keep food ‘authentic’, we aren’t missing out on the flavour explosion that is Arancini Jollof balls out of some strange sense of snobbery.

Let your love for different flavour combinations guide you to your own fusion food creations.

Get new favourites

Having the same favourite foods since you were a child either means you had a delicious childhood or you’re afraid to try new foods. The more you explore, the more your tastes and palate develop and you run a very high risk of finding a new favourite to smack your lips to.

“I have lots of recipes that I love and, as I continue to grow, I discover new things all the time. However, I have to say that the oxtail recipe in my cookbook is still a favourite of mine. People absolutely love it and I have yet to meet anyone who tastes my oxtail without saying how great it is,” says Lorna.

Presentation can change everything

Before food can every reach our lips, we eat with our eyes. If your food looks good people are more likely to want to eat it.

“My best plating tip is: don’t clutter your plate! Make sure it looks pretty by including enough negative space. Use herbs to garnish but don’t just leave it at that – herbs shouldn’t just be a garnish, as they’re actually there for flavour! So always make sure that the herbs you add go well with the dish. The basic rule is: “everything on the plate needs to be eaten“, so it needs to look both pretty and edible. Never put a whole sprig of rosemary on the plate, because you can’t eat a whole sprig of rosemary. Rather use herbs like parsley or coriander – both of which are lovely and fresh,” says Lorna.