Have you heard about the latest craze? Little Garden is back and it’s better than ever

If you want to teach your children the joy of growing their own flowers (or veggie and herbs), then make Checkers the store for your next grocery shop: the more you spend the more you get!

Not just for kiddies

If you want to grow your own herbs or veggies but have no clue where to start or have limited space to plant seedlings, then these little mini seedling kits are just the thing to get you started.

Develop green fingers in your children too – and a love for gardening (and growing their own food!)

You’ll get one free seedling kit for every R200 you spend when you swipe your Xtra Savings card

There are 24 new free seedling kits to collect, and they’re all bee friendly. Are you ready to start growing? Start collecting your seedlings today.

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Did you know, each seedling pot is compostable and they’re made right here in SA?

Each of the millions of seedling kits are locally produced by 156 South Africans, most of whom are women who have been specially trained.

There are 24 new bee-friendly seedlings to collect and they’re all rich in pollen and nectar, which bees love! To get your FREE seedling kit, simply spend R200 and swipe your Xtra Savings card before 4 October.

Meet the seedlings – collect them all!

  • 8 Flower kits
  • 10 Vegetable kits
  • 6 Herb kits

Easy instructions show you how to grow your own Little Garden in just a few quick and easy steps.

Why are bees important?

They’re tiny, but they are the world’s most important pollinators of food crops!

Watch the video here to find out more