A strong contender for nature’s most popular fast food, bananas are seen by many as an irresistible yet strictly forbidden fruit because of all its stogie sweetness

For all their goodness, bananas are packed with calories and could leave you bloated and gassy if you eat too many.

Too much of a good thing

One of the reasons bananas are such a good grab-it-and-go food is because they are full of satiating fibre. While fibre is a great weight loss tool and awesome for your general health, too much fibre could impact vitamin and nutrient absorption and your gut health.

When you eat too much fibre or too many bananas you could experience cramping, bloating and being gassy.

Are banana’s fattening?

As with everything you eat, too much can and probably will lead to weight gain. Bananas are deceptively calorie-dense foods with one medium-sized banana easily giving 105 nutrient-packed calories.

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Bananas are not any more likely to cause weight gain than other foods, and while they are rich in nutrients, fibre and are naturally sweet, they are free from fat and can make up part of a balanced and healthy diet and even contribute to weight loss.

Can diabetics eat bananas?

There is a natural inclination for type 2 diabetics to avoid sweet foods, however it is the carb content of bananas you should look out for.

Carbohydrates can cause a spike in blood sugar making it important to eat in moderation. Even so, the nutritional benefits of bananas could benefit diabetics too, loading them up with fibre, essential vitamins and nutrients in just a few delicious bites.

You should be eating more bananas… but not too many

Bananas are rich in potassium, which is good for your kidneys, heart, muscles and nerves. They are also a source of energy and fibre making them the perfect pre or post-workout food with the added benefit of reducing cramping.

Bananas are a quick and easy way to fill up and get essential vitamins, nutrients, fibre and energy boost carbohydrates.

Don’t be fooled by their deliciousness though and stick to just one a day to avoid carbo-loading on fruit and possibly eating more than your fair share of calories and filling up with too much fibre and becoming bloated.