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This August, in a bold effort to stop women suffering in silence from common health issues, the #BreakTheSilence campaign was launched…

Common issues include infertility, heavy menstrual bleeding and painful menstruation. 3Sixty Biomedicine – through their Salome range – launched an inspiring campaign to shine a spotlight on these conditions. They appealed to all South African women and the general public to help #BreakTheSilence.

While both men and women suffer from various common health conditions, some health issues affect women more frequently and severely.

Women’s health concerns

There are also multiple instances where women bear exclusive health concerns, such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, heavy or painful menstruation, menopause, and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

Sadly, some of these health conditions go undiagnosed or are considered too taboo to discuss or find answers to so they are inevitably left untreated.

This was the motivating factor behind launching the campaign in Women’s month and probably also why the engagement levels for the free #BreakTheSilence webinars were so high and the overall campaign has been deemed a huge success.

PCOS, painful periods, menopause & more: 3Sixty Biomedicine helps #BreakTheSilence

Menstrual bleeding, infertility are common in Southern Africa

“30% of women suffer from often painful and debilitating heavy menstrual bleeding,” explains Walter Mbatha, 3Sixty Biomedicine’s CEO.

“One in six couples (which equates to about 8 million people in Southern Africa alone), suffer from some form of infertility.”

“The stats alone tell the story of how prolific these health issues are for women, which in most cases severely impacts their lives on an ongoing basis. Add to that cultural myths, unnecessary shame and stigma and now the Covid-19 pandemic adding yet another layer to the already painful secret that many women suffering with these conditions carry around with them in silence.”

Women are not alone

“We believe part of the solution to empower these women and potentially change their lives is to make them realise they are not alone and encourage them to reach out to each other and engage with health experts about what treatment options are available to them – like the Salome range,” says Mbatha.

The #BreakTheSilence campaign that was rolled out at the start of Women’s Month in August 2020, includes digital, print and TV content starring real women sharing their stories and struggles.

PCOS, painful periods, menopause & more: 3Sixty Biomedicine helps #BreakTheSilence

Free informative webinars

Two free consumer-focused webinars also took place mid-August with medical expert panelists Dr Sindi van Zyl and Dr Lusanda Shimange-Matsose providing hope to women looking for solutions and advice on infertility and menstruation issues. (Get the YouTube links below)

“The Salome #BreakTheSilence webinars we hosted far superseded our expectations,” enthuses Mbatha.

“Hundreds of women engaged with our expert panel asking questions to not only provide them with insights about why they were experiencing certain symptoms but to also provide them with hope and medically sound advice about treatment options available to them.”

“It was an inspiring experience and the gratitude shown and impact that these sessions had on the women who participated was truly moving.”

“We are also so grateful to the medical experts Dr Sindi van Zyl and Dr Lusanda Shimange-Matsose for their passion to educate the public about women’s health issues and for their unwavering commitment to help us #BreakTheSilence,” says Mbatha.

Natural, plant-based ingredients

Salome Fertility was the first of the Salome range to be introduced to the South African market by 3Sixty Biomedicine in early 2020 followed by Salome Heavy Menstrual bleeding and the latest product within the range – Salome Menstrual Pain – was launched in late July. The Salome range of products contain natural, plant-based ingredients that are focused on providing treatment to women who suffer from infertility linked to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), heavy menstrual bleeding (Menorrhagia) and menstrual pain or discomfort (Dysmenorrhea).

“We are confident that the strategy to launch these ‘first-ever’ products to the SA market meets real consumer needs and addresses a gap in the market. To launch these products at this time positions 3Sixty Biomedicine as leaders when it comes to female health-related issues and demonstrates our commitment as a business to improve livelihoods and improve lives,” concludes Mbatha.

The products are available online at, 3Sixty Biomedicine’s website or in all Alpha Pharm outlets and pharmacies nationwide.

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