For Women’s Month The SOOQ is featuring their powerhouse female-owned partners, one being Bonolo Modise, fondly known as Noli by her friends, who is the owner of Jewellery by Noli

Her African-inspired pieces are all handmade and proudly showcase the diversity of our beautiful country in the colours, materials and styles used. You’ll never tire of her timeless creations. 

We caught up with her to take a little peek into her mind as a woman in business…

How do you balance work and life responsibilities?

Balancing work and my personal life can be very challenging. However, having a plan in place makes it easier to manage and survive the challenging seasons.

There is a lot of sacrifice needed and family support.


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How did you reach your level of success?

I have never been tired of learning and surrounding myself with people who are wiser, more knowledgeable and experienced than I am. I have never been ashamed of starting from the ground.

I refused to give up and I strongly believe that if you want something badly enough, and are willing to work for it, then nothing is impossible.

What do you believe is the key to true innovation?

I think empathy is the key to innovation. When you understand the core of what people need, then you are able to create a product or service that will best address that specific need/problem.

People should be at the centre of what we do and how we do it.


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Black and Gold. Black and Gold. Black and Gold🎶

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Where do you believe great ideas come from?

Like how broken tiles and mirrors create amazing works of art, I believe the greatest ideas are sometimes found in the rough.

The opportunity for your mind to be stretched creatively is when there are very few resources to work with. It is then when you will truly see what you are capable of.

What would you like to accomplish in the next two to five years?

I want to partner more with female-led brands in order to grow my own brand.

My biggest desire is to offer employment and skill development to at least 5 more young women. I want to share the skill that I have with other people.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Intention is everything. If you’re looking to get into entrepreneurship, you should always have your business intentions clear.

Put purpose and passion first and do not be lead only by profit. When you exist through purpose first, then you will start to see your profit.

Be patient, resilient, and always keep perspective.

These are the three elements that will see your business through the not-so-good seasons that your business may face. 


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How do you boost your confidence in difficult situations?

I always reflect back and remember how far I have come to get where I am.

When it gets tough, I start thinking about how I have overcome those challenges. I recite words of affirmations which also help to refuel me on days I feel low.

Tell us about your partnership with The SOOQ?

Before anything, I am truly excited and honoured to have partnered with The SOOQ. I have always dreamt of collaborating with businesses that are lead by female entrepreneurs, and businesses that believe in supporting other businesses.

This is what this partnership means to me, it means that The SOOQ has confidence in my businesses and its growth. It feels like my business has stepped into a new phase where I can now offer seamless customer experiences.


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Tell us about your design process and how you select the details of your jewellery?

My designs are inspired by texture, patterns and various fabric I come across in my research. I grew up around my grandmother who is a retired pattern and gradient designer, so I have a lot of fabrics in my store room which I constantly visit to get some inspiration.

I look at old and new fashion and interior trends which inspire a lot of my designs but mostly, my designs often pop into my head while I source for my material.

I will put pieces together in my head, and physically try the mental image I had of a specific design and see if it turns out like how I had envisioned.

Pieces start at R110 and you can purchase them from:

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