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Bad breath can be an embarrassing problem, and while it may seem like a basic case of bad hygiene it can be something so much more insidious

Bad breath can be a sign of tooth decay and other health issues which are best discovered sooner rather than later.

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Bad dental hygiene

Bad dental hygiene is the most obvious and also the simplest cause of bad breath. Bacteria caught between the teeth, on the tongue and in other crevices in the mouth can cause your breath to smell. The solution to this is just as simple as the cause; improve your dental hygiene by brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing and using mouth wash. When brushing your teeth, it is important to consider cleaning your entire mouth including your tongue to get the best of your oral hygiene routine.

Bad breath and illness

When you are sick, typically in parts of your digestive or respiratory tract periodontal disease, diabetes, dry mouth, sinus or throat infections, lung infections or abscesses, kidney/liver failure or gastrointestinal issues, you could develop bad breath that doesn’t go away with simply brushing your teeth.

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Simply covering the odour by using mouth sprays, mouth wash and breath freshener can work for as a temporary measure, however, the only way to resolve bad breath caused by illness is to address illness with your doctor.

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Tooth decay

Tooth decay can come as a result of bad oral hygiene or certain health issues that cause weakening of your teeth’s enamel making them more vulnerable.

Decay is an ongoing process where bacteria eats through something breeding as it goes. The mere presence of the specific decay-causing bacteria is enough to cause bad breath, but finding the cause of the tooth decay in the first place could lead to yet another source of bad breath.

Food, drink and smoking

Your breath can sometimes smell bad because of something you have eaten or used in your mouth. In this case, creating an oral hygiene routine to accommodate your eating and lifestyle habits is a great idea.

Carry pocket-sized mouthwash, breath freshener or a tongue cleaner and clean your mouth after every meal or smoking or drinking something that could make your breath smell.

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