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If you’ve watched an episode of Life With Kelly Khumalo, you’ll know there is more than what meets the eye when it comes to the talented singer and businesswoman

The new reality TV show – currently streaming on Showmax – has been hailed for revealing the nitty-gritty side of who the ‘controversial’ star really is.

If you’re expecting to see Kelly flaunt her flashy lifestyle, high-profile romances and the glamorous side of fame, then this is not the show for you to watch.

Instead, you’ll find a woman who is not afraid to reveal her insecurities, fears and raw emotions…she also has a kick-a** attitude and makes a mean cocktail!

Kelly’s latest gig gives fans insight into her life as a hard-working single mom (be prepared for some tear-jerking moments), a woman who has had to face many obstacles in life including enduring abusive relationships, substance abuse, family and difficult life decisions.

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But through it all, she’s conquered it and is the woman she is today because of it…

Kelly Khumalo caught up with All4Women to chat about her inner strength, how she deals with cyberbullies and her advice to women going through difficult circumstances…

Life With Kelly Khumalo has received some amazing reviews – how does that make you feel?

KK: I never thought that in my life people would appreciate getting to know me more, so the response was heartwarming.

That’s the thing about me, I don’t expect anything. I live my life for me, and whatever comes out, comes out.

What can we expect to see in the next seven episodes?

KK: More authenticity. And more smiles this time round.

It’s not necessarily a happy ending but you’ll see more smiles and a woman who is content with where she is in her life.

You’ve dealt with a lot of hurt and pain in the past. Where does your strength come from?

My strength comes from my relationship with God, from knowing that God has a plan to prosper me and not to harm me.

And also just from being grounded, with knowing who I am.

You come across as very authentic and unapologetic. What are some of the mantra’s/mottos you live your life by?

Do I even have mantras? To be honest, I see mantras as a K53, and I don’t believe there is a K53 for life.

To be honest, I see mantras as a K53, and I don’t believe there is a K53 for life.

Each life is unique and every experience is unique; there’s more to life than a mantra and they can create an unnecessary expectation. My thing is to be the best I can possibly be and know that the show must go on no matter what comes my way.

“The show must go on no matter what comes my way,” says Kelly Khumalo

What do you want people to know about you –  who is the real Kelly Khumalo?

KK: Do I even want people to know me? I’m a typical Scorpio who thrives on mystery. I don’t think people will ever know me because I will never know myself either. I evolve, I learn new things, I want to better myself.

The woman I am now will not be the woman you see in the next season. So I want people to know I thrive on evolving.

You’ve had more than your fair share of cyberbullies – do you have any message to them?

KK: Heal. Seriously, heal. Don’t use me as a template of what is not right in your personal life.

You mentioned in your show that women should ‘put themselves first’ – why is this important?

KK: It is so important. When I look at my life, I’ve been surrounded by women who have had to sacrifice themselves, either for marriage or their kids or whatever seems to be more important than them. I don’t agree with them.

For me to be the best mother, or friend, or wife, it starts with me. I cannot give what I do not have. So I feel like I need to feed me until I overflow to the people around me.

For me to be the best mother, or friend, or wife, it starts with me. I cannot give what I do not have.

“Heal. Seriously, heal”, Kelly says to cyberbullies

Like yourself, many high profile females  – like Norma Gigaba, Zodwa Wabantu and Simphiwe Ngema – are going through a lot of public scrutiny and criticism right now. If you could give them any message, what would it be?

KK: Do you, ladies. It starts and ends with you. You should never pay attention to people who are merely surviving in their own lives.

Do what makes you happy.

For fellow single moms, women in abusive relationships, women who face hardships on a daily basis – how would you best encourage them?

KK: Single moms – it is not an easy job but worth it. I would urge single moms to be kind to themselves. Our children adapt to who we are, so we don’t have to give what we don’t have, we don’t have to stretch ourselves to a point where we hate being moms.

To women in abusive relationships – goodness, why are you even part of that relationship? It’s high time as women that we stop ignoring the red flags from the beginning. Men show us who they are but we want to see what is not there and believe what is not there. Men never change; either he’s a good man or he’s not.

To women who face hardships on a daily basis – I can’t tell you that it will be easy, or that it won’t get harder. All I can say is it gets better. As you learn to paddle through the waves, it really does get better and we become better people.


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The first six episodes of Life With Kelly Khumalo  are currently streaming on Showmax on 6 August, and episodes 7-13 will be streaming from 27 August.