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Kea Pitsi believes she was always destined to enter the motoring industry. This is what motivates the dynamic Audi brand consultant to keep pushing the spirit of progress and innovation – for society and in her career

“There is an image I have of myself as a baby, with a toy car in my hand, and no dolls in sight!” she says. “I have always been attracted to the automotive industry and I always aspired to work here. I believe I found my place here at Audi, as we share a strong spirit of progressiveness.”

In her role, Kea is responsible for Dealer brand and retail marketing, CRM (customer relationship management), and digital campaign management. But she has been through some fascinating experiences on her way to get there.

“The most pivotal moment in my career was being selected for a development programme in Germany,” she says. “For me, this was a realised dream to travel the world, learn a new language and test my skills and abilities in a foreign workplace. It was also the hardest journey I have ever had to go through.”

Today, she looks back at the experience with gratitude, believing that it taught her much of what she now knows about working and relating with people of diverse cultures. Being away also reinforced her love for her country.

“I came back home with renewed passion, grit, and determination to uplift the young women I work with and others outside of my professional life,” says Kea. “I have since started working on my organisations (that helps graduates take advantage of opportunities around them) and received funding from GIBS to study Social Entrepreneurship, a course to hep scale the work I do. I am motivated by creating a path or setting an example for others who previously did not have access or knowledge that could change their lives for the better.”

Kea also sees her role with the motoring brand as being instrumental in changing lives.

“As woman who works with this pioneering brand, I know that I form part of a new generation of professionals who will create campaigns for ground-breaking, sustainable technology that will change the way we live and drive.”

Kea encourages all young women hoping to realise their ambitions to have faith in their own abilities.

“Nobody can ever diminish the belief you have in yourself, for your success and how you want your life to be,” she says. “Nurture and invest in it and never stop working towards it – no matter where you are planted.”

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