Worldwide Nutrition Education and Training at Herbalife Nutrition, Susan Bowerman shares her tips on keeping your diet plan interesting

Many of us are still spending more time at home during these uncertain times which can lead to boredom – tired of our same routines and bored with our diet. 

Why You Get Bored on A Diet

There are a couple of reasons people get bored with their diets:

  •  If you stick to a plan and you’re getting results, you might be worried that if you eat anything else your progress will slow down. 
  • Sticking to the same meals is simply easier, you don’t have to do much planning since you know exactly what you’re going to eat at every meal and snack.

But being bored on your diet might means you might not be able to stay on that diet for much longer.

Try new fruits and vegetables

Learning to love a variety of fruits and vegetables helps to keep things interesting, and you’ll be offering your body a whole host of nutrients, too. If you just can’t face a plate of spinach one more day, try spicy mustard greens, kale or Swiss chard instead. Just because your meal plan calls for strawberries doesn’t mean you can’t swap in something more exotic like kiwifruit for a change.

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Move meals and meal items around

Meal plans are designed to distribute your foods over several meals and snacks throughout the day to help you control hunger and to help you maintain your physical and mental energy. That doesn’t mean that you can’t move things around a little bit. The time of day that you eat your kilojoules makes little difference if you don’t exceed your daily totals. 

Add more seasonings to your food

Eating should bring pleasure, not punishment. You can add flavour to foods with seasonings like herbs, spices, citrus juice and zest, garlic, onion or a splash of wine or vinegar. Be careful of the ingredients in condiments as they may contain calories, sugar and more sodium than you should be having.

Give your favourite recipes a makeover

Satisfy your craving for your favourite foods without breaking your diet by changing up the ingredients and cooking methods to fit into your diet. Once you’ve mastered a recipe, share and swap with your friends – it’s amazing how quickly you can build a healthy recipe collection that way.  

Find restaurant meals that work with your meal plan 

There’s no reason to avoid restaurants altogether just because you’re on a diet.

The trick is finding items that work with your diet, not against it. Take advantage of online nutrition information which can be a big help in pre-planning what you’ll order.

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