We’re staying healthy, we’re staying hydrated and while it might not always be the most practical option, buying bottled water has been a trend around the world for many years

Grabbing a bottle of ice-cold water from the convenience store fridge on a day out might feel natural to you, but it isn’t always the best thing for you. Here are 3 reasons you should cut down on buying bottled water.

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Plastic is poison

Environmentalists have been concerned about the effect of plastic for decades. With every bit of plastic ever created still in existence somewhere in the world, plastic production should be a concern for us all.

If you absolutely must buy bottled water always choose a biodegradable bottle that should break down completely in three to six months rather than the up to 1 000 years it takes normal plastic. 

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The best option, however, is a reusable water bottle you can carry with you. Sodastream has introduced a conveniently sized reusable My Only Bottle that is dishwasher safe and fits perfectly onto your Sodastream carbonator for your personal batch of sparkling water. 

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Sodastream 500ml Fuse Carbonating My Only Bottle Icy Blue R115, Takealot.com

We’re in money-saving mode

If you haven’t always been a penny pincher, now is the time to start. Times are tough and every cent counts. Luxuries like bottled water can add up to a pretty penny.

Unless your bottled water has additives in it, it has the same effect on your body as good quality tap water (that you can usually get for free).

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If sparkle is what you’re looking for you can make your own

Carbonated water is a refreshing compromise between soft drinks and water. You get all of the fizz and none of the disadvantages of guzzling sugary drinks. 

If this is your kind of drink then investing in your own water carbonator is a good idea. Sodastream works anywhere and anytime to make your water as fizzy as you like it.

This means having sparkling water and flavoured fizzy drinks at the touch of a button without the daily cost of buying drinks or the added strain on the planet that comes with plastic bottles.

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