By Nicola Middleton and Melissa Harris

Change is not easy. As people, we mostly only embrace change when the pain of staying the same outweighs the pain of change

It’s this very pain, it’s this still moment in between breaths, that is most often the catalyst that sparks the fires of change in the human spirit. Although it is hugely uncomfortable, and can sometimes be painful, it should be something we embrace rather than something we fear.

The world as we know it is currently in a lot of pain, much more so than normal

The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown restrictions have shifted and altered life as we know it and people from all walks of life are hurting. Job losses are a very real reality with thousands of small businesses closing their doors.

We as women are feeling more and more pressure at home to provide for our families, to lead our families and support not only ourselves and our husbands, but also many of our friends and even our communities

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The spirit of ubuntu is no longer a theoretical nice-to-have belief, but has become living breathing energy that is uniting South Africans from all spheres of life regardless of race, creed or religion

Steeped in this culture of ubuntu there is a deep, throbbing drumbeat coming from the heart of Africa calling women to arise and shine.

It is becoming more clear and distinct every day. It is a call to action. It is a call for women to rise up as leaders of the new world. It is a sound that is clear, deep in the heart of every South African woman and it says to us: “Stand up, arise, take your rightful place in your home, in your community, in your nation. Become the leader you were born to be, you were born for such a time as this”, with its drumbeat becoming louder and clearer with each passing moment.

It’s clear to us that 2020 is a global reset and although we are fully aware of the pain of this season, we would also like to invite you to see it and experience it as an opportunity.

Right now is an opportunity to reshape and craft the new world. An opportunity for the mother in you to arise

This has nothing to do with actual physical child-rearing. It is spiritual in nature. As women, we are the natural spiritual mothers of the planet. As South African women we are the natural and spiritual mothers of our nation.

We are the heartbeat of our homes and of our nation and right now our nation, our home, is hurting. We as mothers need to stand up and lead our human family as we enter into a new world that is built on sound family values and evolved spiritual principles. We are the bringers and givers of life-giving energies.

This is our mandate. Women are by our very nature nurturers. We are made to love and be loved. We are instinctual caregivers and protectors. We are leaders in our homes and we are the catalytic voice for change now. There’s no disputing it. It’s in our DNA. Now more than ever South Africa needs us to rise up and we need to become the leaders we are born to be.

Given the state of the world we find ourselves in, you might very well be asking, but how? How do I arise and shine? You might be thinking: “How can I make a difference, I am after all only one person?”

Listen to your inner voice. Listen to your heart. You will hear its voice loud, strong and clear. You want to make a difference in the world you live in. You want to be the life-giving heartbeat of your family. You want to give, love and serve within your community. You want to see people around you go higher, do better and grow. You want this because you are a WOMAN.

The how is easy. Does your neighbour have a meal tonight? Have you reached out to your friend who struggles with depression lately? Have you considered buying an extra couple of tins of food and donating them to your local charity? Are your posts on social media uplifting or are they negative and critical?

I’m not saying ignore what’s happening around you; I am saying choose to see the life, the positivity, the opportunity and the creativity in your everyday reality.

How you choose to see this global reset is entirely up to you

We would like to invite you to take look through a heavenly perspective. This is a perspective that is filled with overflowing hope for the women of South Africa. It is a perspective that is centred on very real quality of life and restores an internal and external sense of well-being for you, your family and your community. Remember a woman can make a difference, and together, united by love, in love, we can change our nation for real.