Black Coffee found himself trending on Twitter after he delivered a stinging clapback to a tweep who queried his relationship status

The SA DJ’s love-life was scrutinised this week after a flirty exchange with a reality star went viral. Many tweeps claimed the Love Island contestant, identified as Alexandra Cane, was the muso’s latest bae and even roped in Coffee’s estranged wife Enhle Mbali into the mix!

But Friday saw the award-winning star react to a tweep who he thought crossed the line.

Posting a very sarcastic-toned tweet, Black Coffee made light of ‘Black Twitter’ which often criticises the lives of others on a whim.

He tweeted: “Mas’dlaleni uTwitter (let’s play Twitter),who’s trending today,who’s falling,who are we trolling,who’s marriage are we having opinions on,who’s trash who’s not,who are we canceling,like God who are we judging,who’s relationship is falling apart while ours is perfect,who’s not perfect. Masimhlekeni (Let’s laugh at them).

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Whilst many praised the star for calling out the ‘toxic’ social media platform, one tweep thought it fit to antagonise him instead

“Can’t we just laugh and have a good time without doing all that? Anyway don’t you miss uMbali? If you don’t,how did you get over her?I need some tips,” the tweep replied.

Sadly for the tweep, Coffee was in no mood and responded in a very personal and blunt response.

“Laugh at what exactly? Looking at your account, would you laugh when people make jokes about your kid being albino?”.

The clapback quickly went viral with many fans calling out Black Coffee for his harsh reaction, and in particular picking on an innocent child.

Others thought his exchange was justified.

Do you think Black Coffee taught this tweep a lesson in minding her own business? Or was his reaction completely uncalled for?