Creams, oils and tonics may contribute to anti-ageing, but Mother Nature has hidden the fountain of youth where we can all find it, our kitchens

Although science has proven that a calorie-restrictive diet and generally healthy eating habits contribute to a healthier ageing process, adding these foods to your diet can help you press pause on specific parts of the ageing process.

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Dark leafy greens

Leafy greens are a great source of iron and fibre making them a food you should be eating daily anyway. According to a study by the University of Edenborough and the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing in Germany when your blood is rich in iron you generally age better and have a better chance of avoiding age-related illnesses.

Another reason to stock up on the greens is they are rich in lutein. Lutein is a xanthophyll known mostly for contributing to eye health.

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A recent study has found that lutein also contributes to your cognitive health as you age. Ageing doesn’t only affect your physical appearance but also your physical and mental ability.

“Now there’s an additional reason to eat nutrient-rich foods such as green leafy vegetables, eggs and avocados,” said Naiman Khan, a professor of kinesiology and community health at Illinois.

“We know these foods are related to other health benefits, but these data indicate that there may be cognitive benefits as well,” said Naiman Khan, speaking about a study from University of Illinois researchers.

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Mushrooms are rich in antioxidants. This makes them the perfect addition to just about any health packed meal for many reasons. One of those many reasons is that mushrooms have an anti-ageing quality.

Antioxidants reduce oxidative stress which causes damage to cells and contributes to bad health, ageing and the appearance of ageing.

In a study by Penne State, researchers found that mushrooms have high amounts of the ergothioneine and glutathione, both important antioxidants making even the non-hallucinogenic variety of mushrooms magical.

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Berries may be an obvious choice because, like mushrooms, they are rich in antioxidants, but berries also have a lesser documented benefit.

Evidence that eating blueberries, strawberries, and acai berries may help the ageing brain stay healthy was found in a study, presented at the 240th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS). Berries, and possibly walnuts, activate the brain’s natural “housekeeper” mechanism, which cleans up and recycles toxic proteins linked to age-related memory loss and other mental declines.

This is, according to U. S. Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Research Service (USDA-ARS) Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging in Boston.

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Garlic is like the magic cure-all-bulb in your kitchen that not only cures just about every ailment but also tastes and smells great in just about every savoury dish you prepare.

Research has shown another benefit to eating garlic. “Our findings suggest that dietary administration of garlic containing allyl sulfide could help maintain healthy gut microorganisms and improve cognitive health in the elderly,” said Jyotirmaya Behera, PhD, who lead the research team with Neetu Tyagi, PhD, both from University of Louisville.

Ally sulphide is a compound naturally found in garlic with multiple health benefits including fighting off the bad gut bacteria that contribute to memory loss as you age.

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The anti-ageing benefits of pomegranates have gone from the extreme to the ridiculous, but now the fruits legendary anti-ageing qualities are finally backed by science.

Although there is a lot of myth to separate from the facts, a team of scientists from EPFL and the company Amazentis discovered that a molecule in pomegranates, transformed by microbes in the gut, enables muscle cells to protect themselves against one of the major causes of ageing.

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Source: Science daily