Other than being a vigorous reminder of why we love Somizi, ‘Dinner at Somizi’s’ has been an educational experience

Four episodes in and this is what we’ve learned from one of the very few South African celebrities we’d trust with our stomachs.

Leftover spices are not trash

If you decant your spices into little dishes as part of your cooking preparation, you might have some spice leftover after cooking. Don’t throw those spices away or even put them back in their original packets.

When Somizi cooked Rami Cheune a lamb casserole he used a mixture of spices made of the leftover spices he has used over the past 2 months. The colour and texture combination in that bowl looked like pure magic!

Instead of buying ready mixed seasonings, we’re bottling our leftover spices after every meal and labelling them to recreate the taste again.

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Offal is not awful

Most people turn their noses up at the internal organs of animals, but when Somizi made Zahara his Novorosh pie with chicken gizzards, lamb kidneys and leg of lamb pieces we were definitely drooling.

When cooked right offal is a great source of nutrients, vitamins and taste absolutely delicious. An added bonus of eating offal is how affordable it is.

Another great lesson we learned from this dish is that you can actually mix your meats. Some traditional Nigerian foods like egusi combine chicken or fish and red meat in a stew/soup type dish too.

Improvise as you go

Having a set recipe in your head can help you make a quick dash to the store without dilly-dallying and overspending however, there are so many merits to improvising.

Somizi’s recipes are always in season because he improvises. The star makes no secret of his love of improv’ and has even cooked recipes on the show he has never prepared before.

Improvising on a recipe you love can also help you cater to the different tastes of the people you’re cooking for, your budget and of course realising you’re missing one of the ingredients you need for the original recipe.

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Good food is a combination of things you like

We live, we learn and we grow. Our experiences and tastes can change with our environment.

But, there are those things you can never let go of or stop loving. When Somizi made a seafood ciabatta Kota both the pescatarian and township girl in me did a slow clap.

Fusion foods don’t always come from related countries but can also just be a combination of two things you absolutely love; we are creating new favourites here.

We should all enjoy our food more

From cooking shows to Instagram pictures, many of us have lost our way and eat for aesthetics.

Somizi’s love for food is clear, from the way he cooks it to the way he eats it, fully involved, unpretentious, unfiltered pleasure.

Watch ‘Dinner at Somizi’s’  every Friday at 19:00 on 1 Magic or any time on Showmax.