For many women, hair is an important aspect of their appearance

For various reasons, many more women choose to enhance their looks with extensions, weaves and wigs. But as with the hair on your head, all hair needs to be maintained with good hygiene, grooming and protective styling.

Opulent Beaute – a JHB based beauty boutique – shares some tips and tricks on caring for your premium hair extensions.

Deep condition

Using a very oily conditioner will help you keep your hair looking slick and ready.

Use a deep conditioning treatment to prevent tangling and some leave-in conditioner once it is completely dry and maintain the level of moisture.

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Opulent Beaute premium hair

Air dry your hair

Air drying is the best way to dry your extensions. Never blow dry your hair as it will lead to tangles and possible damage.

A simple way to do this is to place your hair extensions on a towel, and continue your day while they dry.

Avoid heat, if possible

Unless your extensions are made from human hair, any kind of hair heat is never a good idea!

Remember to use low heat settings and a heat protector on your human hair extensions to prevent heat damage.

Opulent Beaute premium hair


Once your hair is clean, dry and smells great, use a bristle brush to remove all the knots. Apply some leave-in conditioner or a special detangler to make the task easier.

Following this, apply an oil-free sheen or shine spray made specifically for your hair type to prevent it from looking dull and dry.

Store with care

When you have done all the above you are ready to wear your hair, or for some to put it in storage.

We suggest a box because plastic bags tend to have a lot of moisture and this leads to humid conditions which result in your hair having a bad smell!

Opulent Beaute premium hair


For more information on Opulent Beaute’s services and range of hair products, visit their new website, which officially launches on 15 August 2020.