Shampoo bars are nifty creations that come with numerous benefits that will leave all types of hair on fleek

Check out some cool benefits of using shampoo bars below.

All-natural and environmentally friendly

Most shampoo bar brands boast natural ingredients that are not harmful to your hair. These ingredients are said to promote hair growth and result in healthier hair. They are also safe because they are free of dangerous chemicals.

Since shampoo bars don’t come in bottles, this means they are friendlier to the environment. Most of them usually come wrapped in paper or in a box.

They last longer – saving you money

The amazing thing about shampoo bars is that they last longer than bottled shampoo. In fact, one shampoo bar can easily last up to more than 80 washes, which saves you money.

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According to the National Geographic, “Shampoo bars are greener, cheaper, and much more travel-friendly”.

Shampoo bars have become quite handy travel buddies because of their small size. You can easily slip one into your travel bag so your hair stays healthy, clean and keeps smelling good wherever you are.

We found some awesome shampoo bar brands that you simply have to try:

Zero Bar

50g Zero Bar shampoo bar: R75, 100g bar: R138

Zero Bar shampoo bars cater for all hair types. Bruce Turner, the Managing Director at Zero Bar, says there are three reasons why their shampoo bars are the best in the market.

“Firstly, the fact it is made in South Africa! Secondly, we have used some really awesome oils in the bars that have been proven (over many years) to be excellent for your skin and hair. Last but not least, we took years to develop the formula to make sure it worked exactly as your typical liquid shampoo would, but without the packaging. So you are not sacrificing what you love about your shampoo, just the plastic waste you hate”, says Bruce.

When it comes to the long term benefits of using their shampoo bars, Bruce says their bars go beyond just benefiting the people using them.

“The long term benefit is the legacy you don’t leave behind. Most shampoo is made using 70% to 75% water. Zero Bar is made with no water which not only saves water but also prevents tons & tons of water being shipped all over the world. This really reduces the loads being transported which results in a huge reduction in carbon emissions,” he added.

Lush Shampoo Bar

Image: Instagram @lushsouthafrica

55g Lush shampoo bar: R120

Another great brand is Lush and they believe shampoo bars are “economical, naked and self-preserving”.

Lush says: “These highly-concentrated handfuls, packed with powerful natural ingredients and essential oils, do the job of three 250g bottles of liquid shampoo”.

Lush shampoo bars come in a wide variety of scents. They have catchy names such as Honey I Washed My Hair, Soak and Float, Jason and the Argan Oil, Jumping Juniper and many more.

There are also some great shampoo bar brands available that are made with organic ingredients and some are even suitable for vegans.

Pure Simple Shampoo Bar

The Pure Simple Shampoo Bar Chamomile Tea soothes dry hair and scalp leaving it shiny and healthy.

Pure Simple Shampoo Bar Chamomile Tea from Faithful to Nature: R47

Earth Ant Shampoo Bar

The Earth Ant Shampoo Bar contains castor oil which has natural antifungal and antibacterial properties as well as antioxidants that help make hair smoother and stronger.

Earth Ant Shampoo Bar from Faithful to Nature: R68

Here are some useful tips from Zero Bar on how to use shampoo bars

  • Wet your hair thoroughly
  • Run water over the bar and lather it up a little in your hands
  • If you have short hair, you may find that just using the lather from the bar to smooth along your hair and scalp will do the trick
  • For longer and thicker hair, use the bar directly on your head. Smooth the bar from your hairline to the crown, or work in gentle little circles around your head. Then use your hands to gently massage the scalp and hair
  • Use the excess product to wash the tips of your hair strands
  • Some Zero Bar fans like to use a wide-toothed comb to comb through their hair while it’s lathered and soapy, continuing to do so through the rinsing process
  • Be sure to rinse thoroughly

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