1 in 6 South African couples is faced with the reality of infertility or difficulty conceiving a child

The stigma attached to infertility and fertility difficulties can cause an enormous amount of stress on a couple and affect their mental health and well-being. 

Although treatments and assistance are increasingly available there is still a lot of stigma and uncertainty around fertility issues.

Visiting a fertility specialist can be daunting, but being prepared for your consultation and your treatment can help you feel less anxious and more in control. 

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Make sure that you have all of your questions answered

Make a list of questions before your appointment and make sure you have answers to all of them before the end of your appointment.

Any uncertainty or any hesitation around your fertility journey is only going to add to the burden of what you’re experiencing.

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Keep and live a balanced and healthy lifestyle 

When you are going through fertility treatments, you are putting a lot of pressure and strain on your body. It is essential to remember that your body needs to be taken care of throughout the process.

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Make sure you live your life 

Don’t wrap yourself up in cotton balls and forget to live while on your journey. Spending time with family, friends, working, taking part in extramural activities is important to keep going while you’re having IVF treatment or any form of fertility treatment.

Going through infertility and being on this journey can be a mental and emotional roller coaster. It can even put a strain on your relationships with others or even your relationship as a couple.

If you’re not coping it’s really important to tap into the psychological support services that are available to you. There are many groups like our Fertility Solutions Members Only Facebook group that offer advice, support and encouragement from people just like you, going through the same or similar challenges as you.

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