Pasta is one of the world’s favourite foods, it can be as simple and delicious or fancy and mouth-watering as you like

Here’s a collection of our go-to pasta recipes for quick and easy mid-week dinners and lazy evenings at home.

Creamy Tomato Penne with Pesto

Meat free doesn’t have to be flavour free. This pesto and tomato combo packs a flavour punch and is a great dinner for the whole family.


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Spicy Prawn Linguine

If you’re a seafood fan, you’ll love this. It’s quick, easy and sophisticated enough to serve to grown up guests. If you don’t have prawns, good quality shrimp will do too – be careful not to over cook the shrimp though.


Skillet Lasagna

A deconstructed lasgna you don’t have to layer or buy pasta sheets to make. Get all the flavour with just a fraction of the work.


Baked Thyme Mac & Cheese

Give an old favourite a herby twist. Adding thyme to your mac & cheese elevates this simple comfort food. If you’re still looking for a little something extra add some tomatoes too which go well with both cheese and thyme.


Bacon Stroganoff Pasta

If you believe everything tastes better with bacon then you’ll love this smoky, creamy flavour bomb.