Fashion has evolved drastically over the years as a result of the feminist era and liberal thinking individuals

And while women still face great prejudices over what they wear, the fact that we have indeed come a long way cannot be ignored.

Neither can the ideology that more and more women are finding value in their appearances – and the fashion choices they make – without the need or desire of approval from men.

From bras to blazers, take a look at these statement fashion pieces we can thank feminists for…

Suited to perfection

Women can literally wear the pants in any space they’re in, thanks to the androgynous fashion trend. It not only allowed the fairer sex to feel more comfortable, but also mimics masculine power.

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Chanel was one of the first fashion houses to design a range of the statement piece for women back in the late 1920’s, with critics hailing the look as ‘monumental’.

Since then, every designer who is worth their weight in gold, has designed a look around the powerful piece.

The marvelous mini skirt

The short and often risque look emanated out of the 1960’s liberation movement and gave women the confidence and boldness to show off their femininity, without being judged for it.

Today, mini skirts are everywhere and are considered a wardrobe staple.


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Barely there bikinis

Swimwear was never as sexy and sultry as it is now. But with the creation of the first bikini back in 1946 by French designer Louis Réard – originally classified as scandalous – a trip to the beach, or public pool didn’t have to be so frumpy.

Thanks to feminists, women around the world are now permitted to show off their feminine form – irrespective of their body shape or size – in whatever swimwear looks they so desire and feel comfortable in.

Bikini top – R159,20

Bikini bottoms – R159,20


The formal fashion trend gave rise to the ideology that woman can succeed in male-dominated work environments – like the boardroom – and whilst looking immaculate and professional.

The blazer – which has seen it’s fair share of fashion fads itself like shoulder pads, classic, cropped and even oversized cuts – is just another celebratory example of how women are no different to men when it comes to getting the job done!


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Short hair don’t care!

A woman’s hair is her crowning glory – right? WRONG!

With women being praised for their long locks throughout the ages, the bob and pixie cuts were totally revolutionary in signifying that a woman’s worth was not dependent on what grew on her head.

In the words of India Arie: “I am not my hair…”


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Lustful lingerie

Previously the only accepted lingerie looks for women were constricting corsets and granny-panties.

Companies like Victoria’s Secret, La Perla and even Savage X Fenty now exist because women have reclaimed their sexuality and are now taking back control of their own bodies.

The statement tee

The best way to make a statement – apart from saying it – is on your T-shirt!

With phrases like ‘Girls run the world’, ‘Never apologise for being a b****’ and ‘Nasty girls make history’ – you can flaunt your feminist mantra more boldly than ever before!

‘Nasty women make history’ Tee – R120