Binnelanders actor Reynardt Hugo has detailed his terrifying experience of contracting Covid-19

The soapie actor shared his story with fans on KykNET show KN Pandemie where he spoke about the irrational fear that gripped him upon testing positive for the potentially life-threatening virus.

“I asked my fiance: ‘Am I going to die? Will I be able to breathe? Won’t I be able to breathe?’ It wasn’t nice. It was terrifying. You don’t believe it until you get the SMS,” he told host Suzaan Steyn.

The actor revealed he underwent a test after feeling ‘flu-ish’ and was both shocked and scared at the positive result.

“I thought it was exhaustion and I was busy writing a book as well during that time. … I felt extremely bad – body ache. It felt a bit worse than the flu,” he added.

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The star also spoke about the toll it took on him psychologically

He continued: “I can sometimes get quickly anxious. I got very anxious during this period. It took a relative period of time for me to heal….before I knew it, it was bad.”

“Psychologically there’s a war in your head. You try to stand strong, but there are always times when negativity kicks in, and it is a reality – it is difficult. Sometimes for me, it was difficult. Sometimes for me, it was tougher than other times to accept the situation as it was.”

Reynardt – who believes he contracted the virus whilst in a public area – also revealed his partner tested negative, twice, despite the couple living together.

Meanwhile, the writers of Binnelanders revealed that season 15’s ‘deadly virus outbreak’ storyline was purely coincidental and was written back in 2019, ahead of the global pandemic the world is currently facing.