What’s the best way to get over heartbreak? Rapper and writer Dessa came up with an unconventional approach after a chance viewing of Helen Fisher’s TED Talk about the brains of the lovestruck…

Fans of her music loved the sad, sombre tones of her albums. Some even asked her to release a new book or single when they were trying to get over a breakup. But the reason behind the music was much deeper.

“What I hadn’t been public about was the fact that most of these songs had been written about the same guy,” says Dessa in this 11-minute TED talk which has had almost 2.5 million views.

“For two years, we tried to sort ourselves out, and then for five and on and off for 10. And I was not only heartbroken, but I was kind of embarrassed that I couldn’t rebound from what other people seemed to recover from so regularly.”

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So Dessa turned to science to see if she could be helped to “fall out of love”

“I decided to embark on a course of treatment called ‘neurofeedback’.”

The treatment focussed on retraining her brain and its responses to certain stimuli.

“I felt like I’d had the opportunity to better understand love, even the compulsive parts. It isn’t a neat, symmetrical Valentine’s heart. It’s bodily, it’s systemic, it is a hideous pair of ram’s horns buried somewhere deep within your skull, and when that special boy walks by, it lights up, and if he likes you back and you make each other happy, then you fan the flames. And if he doesn’t, then you assemble a team of neuroscientists to snuff them out by force.”

Did it work?!

Find out in the video below.